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The 5 Do’s For Effective Email Marketing


Think about the last time you opened a piece of “junk email.”

What did the subject line say?

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Did you feel compelled to move beyond the email and to the company’s website?

If so, then you’ve just witnessed a piece of very valuable email marketing and a piece that was done well at that.

Now think about the many pieces of email that sit in your junk email folder until being moved to your trash—all without being opened.

Unfortunately, such is the case for more than 90% of unsuccessful email marketing.

However, if you follow these 5 tips, you’ll find yourself with successful email marketing campaign that leads to sales and a following for your business.

Great Content

Your content is the key to getting your emails opened and read. However, you should be mindful that the content of the email is not limited to the body of it.

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Rather, things like the subject and taglines are important for ensuring that your emails are open and read. Especially because the subject line is pretty much the only thing that can be seen prior to opening the email itself, you should take care to include big news and/or sales in it to entice customers with deals. Be smart with the body of the email and keep things short, sweet, and to the point. Most email readers only have a few minutes to spare on reading the actual email, which is why you want to give readers the most vital information as quickly as possible.


These days, it’s likely that your emails will be open on almost anything but an actual computer, which is why you need to ensure that your emails respond to different devices. Ensure that there’s readability across the board by making your emails responsive, and making sure that they appear the same from device-to-device. There is nothing more annoying for a reader then seeing a potentially great deal, but having the email refuse to open. By making a point to have your emails responsive across the device-field, however, you’ll help protect your company from having this happen. The most popular devices to look out for are iPads, iPods, iPhones, Androids, and Android tablets.

Target Your Audience

Especially if your company operates nationwide, it is important to make sure that you are properly targeting your audience across the board. Not only does this help your product sell better from place to place, but it also shows that you care enough to make an effort to sell to the individual and not the mass.

Try targeting your audience across these key demographics to better your email marketing:

  • Location – If you know that you’re selling snow plows, then you should probably avoid targeting southern California, as they’re unlikely to purchase from you.
  • Age – Forego marketing younger product to an older demographic and vice versa. Take note of your followers and make sure you’re selling the appropriate product to the appropriate age group to ensure higher sales.
  • Sex – Try being mindful about sending specific things to specific sexes to be sure that your exercising email marketing to the best of your ability.

These days, complex analytics exist that help sort your audience into these demographics (and more). Places like Nordstrom, for example, keep tabs on what you’ve purchased in the past, looked at, and favorited, to send you emails that show you similar items to get you—the reader—to purchase more.


Like anything else with the Internet these days, everything relies on the timing of when you post something. The number of views, shares, and buys that you get will rely on when you send out your emails, making it important that you understand when the best time to post is.

Take a look at these times for posting, to get a better idea of when you should go about your email marketing:

  • Daytime – While it might go without saying, try sending out your marketing during the day as opposed to the night. This is because most people are awake and able to read your email, and it won’t get shuffled among all of the junk mail that goes out during the early hours of the morning.

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  • Time – Try scheduling your emails or newsletters for a time that will suit the locations that you serve (i.e. don’t send an email out across the state at 4 am pacific and 7 am east coast because they’re unlikely to be read).
  • Day of the Week – Though you might believe that people are likely to sit and go through their emails on a slow Monday, you’d actually be surprised to find that Tuesdays have been proven to be the best day of the week (and most popular).


Be smart with your email marketing and don’t just coast over the details. Take a look at your open rates, click-throughs, and bounce backs to see how well your emails are doing. This will also let you know where you need work and how to go about increasing your sales. Most importantly, it will allow you to see who is not receiving your emails and how you can go about fixing that situation immediately.

What are some tips you have for creating a great email marketing campaign?

Comment below with email writing tips and tricks!