Getting Smart About Content Writing

The 5 Key Questions You Should Be Asking of Your Content Writing

What is smart content?

Smart content is content that has been written with the reader in mind.

While the point of many bloggers is to share their personal information and beliefs, it’s not always the way to the smartest content available.

Sure, things like family, day-to-day going on’s, and the occasional funny video have their place on a blog as much as everything else.

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However, they are not the stepping-stones to creating a solid foundation for your company or in generating a brand for yourself on the web.

These things happen by being diligent with your writing and paying attention to what it is you’re writing about.

Take a look at these 5 questions you should be asking yourself while writing marketing content, to see if you’re being as smart as you can be.

1. Is It Helpful?

Take a look at what you’re working on. Is it helpful? Is there anything that your reader will take away from the information you’re providing? Is it really

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necessary that you discuss that funny thing your dog did that morning? Asking yourself whether or not the information you’re putting out into the world is helpful will keep your work smart and to the point. Most online readers search for articles to solve a common problem they’re having in a quick and informative way. They don’t want to sift through lots of information to get to the point of the piece or to find what it is they are looking for. A good way to make sure that your writing is doing this is to ask yourself a question before you start on the piece and then to answer that question by the end.

For Example:

How do I make sure my content is “smart”?


Answer: By the end of this article, my readers should know how to tell if their content is smart or not.

2. Is It Informative?

Much like questioning whether or not your information is helpful, you should be careful to make sure it is informative. By doing so, you will help give your piece validation and gain trust in your readers. Throwing useless facts at your reader will only deter them from taking you seriously. Instead, reconsider paragraphs that are not informative. While personal information is certainly a type of information, it can actually do more harm than good when it comes to creating smart content. Take care that you keep your writing focused on information that will help answer the question that you asked before you began writing as that will prove the most useful and helpful in the long run.

3. Is It Entertaining?

After you’ve gone through and established whether or not your information is helpful and informative, then it’s time you take a look and decide whether or not it is entertaining. Entertainment is huge when it comes to creating smart content. Not only does it ensure that your article will be read, but it is also how it will ensure that it keeps being ready beyond the first sentence. While your article should be informative, it should not be so heavy with information that it slips the reader into a reading coma. They should be able to maintain alertness while reading and recall what they have read after they have finished the piece. Take a look at what you have and see if you’ve made it as entertaining as possible for the reader. Have you broken the paragraphs up into sections to make scanning easier? Have you included infographics to provide visualization to go along with the information? Have you added images to add eye appeal? These things will help bring entertainment to your work and ensure that your writing is broken up enough to keep the reader’s mind engaged.

4. Is There A Call To Action?

Your article serves a purpose and that purpose is to expand your brand or to increase your marketing endeavors, or even both. In each instance, however, your efforts will be futile if you forego asking your readers to engage with your work. Content writing is so big right now that it’s important to take full advantage of your piece so that it doesn’t get lost on the web. Not only that, but because online writing revolves around getting shares, it’s crucial to make this happen as easily as possible. Before you publish your post, make sure that you’ve asked something specific from your readers. Using a call to action, for example, will help direct your readers to the exact outcome you’d like to see happen.

For Example:


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5. Is It Measurable?

One of, if not the, most important thing you can do when it

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comes to creating smart content is making sure that the content is measurable. Using specific tools like Google Analytics, Alexa, and Quantcast help you get the most accurate reading of your site’s success. How does this benefit you? Well, for starters, knowing how many people are looking at your blog daily versus how any shares you’re getting and how much blog interaction you have will help you understand what you need to do better. If you’re blog is getting many views, for example, but not many shares then perhaps you need to work on your writing and see where you can do better. Following the above steps is a good start and can help you see where you’re blog or Internet marketing is floundering.

What do you consider to be smart content writing?

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