A Social [Media Marketing] Experiment

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working


A little known fact about me: I pride myself on cheeky Facebook posts.

Yet, for whatever reason, only some of my Facebook posts are shared, while a handful are not.

What gives?

We’ve all had that moment where one post does better than the other.

Or, if you’re just starting out, you’ve had many posts that haven’t done well.

In the blogging and content marketing world, shares are everything.

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Shares are the name of the game in creating a successful brand.

When it comes to social media marketing, you’re pretty much dead in the air if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.

Social media allows you to:

  • Directly connect with customers
  • Directly connect with prospects
  • Directly connect with others in your field

When done correctly, you’ll witness a return always in some way on your marketing efforts.

Take a look at these reasons for why you’re not getting the shares you need and how to increase your social media engagement across the web.

Linking It All Together

Have you done your homework on WordPress? If so you should have a small inkling about those funny little things known as “widgets”. Widgets on your WordPress site allow serve as apps. When added to your website they allow you to interlink things like your calendar, Twitter, and other social media accounts you may have. The brilliance behind linking your social media accounts is that it will update automatically on most servers, freeing up a lot of the work for you. It will also encourage your followers to follow all of your different social media accounts at one time. Not taking the time to link your accounts will limit your followers’ ability to share your posts/information across the Internet.

Timing Is Everything

Do you know what time you should be posting to your accounts? Believe it or not there’s a method to the madness of getting shares and likes. You might be thinking that it’s pretty straightforward and that all you really need to do is post during the waking hours. You wouldn’t be wrong of course, you definitely want your followers to be awake to see what you’re posting, but it’s also not enough. Having an understanding of when you should post and how often will give you a better handle on when your audience is most likely to see and read your stuff.

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  • Best Days To Post: Thursday and Fridays
  • Best Time To Post: 1pm for the most shares and 3pm-4pm for the most clicks


  • Best Days To Post: Monday through Friday for B2B, and Saturday and Sunday for B2C
  • Best Time To Post: 5 pm for highest retweets, 12pm and 6pm for highest CTR

Linked In

  • Best Days To Post: Tuesday through Thursday
  • Best Time To Post: During business hours


  • Best Days To Post: Saturday
  • Best Time To Post: Between 8pm and 11pm


  • Best Days To Post: Monday
  • Best Time To Post: During off work hours

Google Plus

  • Best Days To Post: Monday through Friday
  • Best Time To Post: 9am to 11am

Keeping It Social

What’s worse than a social media post that isn’t—well—social? If you’re forgetting to keep your social media posts social then it’s no wonder that you’re not seeing a return on your engagement. Take a look at your most recent posts. Do you ask your readers to do anything specific? Is there a call to action? Do you give your readers any reason to share your post? The whole point of social media is that you’re getting your followers to engage with you and then to engage with their followers about you in return. Keep it easy, be obvious, ask your followers to share your posts and comment with their ideas or suggestions for how you can make your brand and business better.

Being Mindful

How often are you posting and about what? If you’re logged into your brand’s Facebook then you should be mindful to post as your brand. Posting about things that interest you but are not necessarily associated with your brand will be detrimental to your social media engagement. Yes, animal videos are popular, and yes, funny Buzzfeed videos get shared frequently but that doesn’t mean you need to post every single one you come across. If you find yourself reaching for that video of the quadruplet babies giggling maniacally then stop, reconsider, and ask yourself whether or not this will truly benefit your company. If the answer is no then pull back that finger from the clicker and move onto a new article or video that will benefit your followers. A good rule of thumb is to post frequently enough to let your followers know you’re active, but to stop before you become that person who’s blasting everyone’s newsfeeds with useless information.

social media marketing

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Remember this clever acronym from your high school English essays? Well I’m bringing it back and in a new way—one that’s fit for 2015. KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid is a simple tip for remembering to keep your words easy to read. If you’re not seeing shares on your social media accounts then take a look at your posts. How many words are you averaging? What are your sentence lengths like? What kind of words are you using? Your goal should be to keep everything as simple and to the point as possible. Consider that you’re writing for the average person and not necessarily a specific person who is familiar with everything that you’re saying. Explain in the simplest terms possible—or you know, keep it simple, stupid.

What advice do you have for getting social media shares?

Comment below with tips and tricks for getting those likes!