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5 Social Media Trends To Look for In 2016

A few weeks ago I forecasted the blogging trends for 2016.

At that point, we were a whopping 86 days away from the New Year.

Today, as of this moment, we are 64 days 22 hours and 58 minutes away from that big ball dropping in Times Square.

Arrrrrrrrre youuuuu reeeeadyyyyyy?

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No? Don’t worry, neither are we—well sort of.

Luckily, we still have some time to get our affairs in order, enjoy the holidays, and plan our Internet marketing strategies.

Is it stressful trying to keep up with the times?


But I’ll make it easier by telling you exactly what to look out for to keep not just your blog, but also your business afloat.

So take a breath and dive into these next few weeks with excitement and cheer, and a little social media marketing, too.

Take a look at these key social media marketing trends to look out for as you head into January 2016.


Unless you’re stuck living in the 90’s (hi, dad), then you likely have a smart phone of some kind, or at the very least an “app” or two. Apps have all but infiltrated the common world. Think back to a few years ago when the commercial “There’s an app for that!” was on the air and you’ll remember how big and powerful the app world really became once it boomed. Since then, however, businesses have grown to use the handy tools to give their customers, clients, and even employees, business accessibility from any location. Restaurants have cottoned on to apps such as a Hot Schedules, which allow servers to manage their schedules from the phone. Bloggers have created apps that hold onto their recipes, giving easy access to their followers, and businesses

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have jumped on the Microsoft 365 application wagon to create efficiency in the workplace. The key takeaway for small businesses investing in an app developer is that you can charge money to have your app purchased. Chances are, by offering your application and easy solution for your followers, you’ll see a return on your investment quickly.

Live Updates

Twitter is no longer what the cool kids do. Now, with the second half of this year has seen a rise in applications that keep you updated on a person’s daily going-on’s constantly. I’m talking about the wildly popular application SnapChat, which was then followed by Periscope. SnapChat, in particular, has seen many updates, taking it from something that was initially used by high schoolers to something utilized by bloggers and companies alike. Now, you’ll find a blogger’s entire day “snapped” about from start to finish. Or you’ll see a company snap about the making and creation of one of their popular products. No matter what it is, SnapChat has taken over as the new form of social media to look out for in the coming year.

Following on the heels of SnapChat’s fame is the newer Periscope. Periscope is similar to SnapChat in that it lets you see video of day-to-day life but different in that it operates more as a broadcasting system. Like its SnapChat counterpart, Periscope is available for up to 24 hours before it disappears from the application. Businesses have found success with Periscope by hosting live Q & A sessions and insider videos for their clients.

Worrisome Subscribers

Last year it was Target’s credit card users being breached and this year it was the Ashley Madison accounts being hacked. In both cases, users are becoming increasingly weary of putting their information out into the world, and for good reason. Hackers can and will find their way into accounts that are not protected properly, leaking information, finding ways into bank accounts, and damaging company’s reputations in the process. For this reason it’s important that in the New Year your company and brand truly invest in the webpages and applications it puts out. If your business’s pages look sketchy, then you will lose followers and potential clients. Ensure that your applications are top of the line and you’ll be sure to see a return on subscribers and, ultimately, sales too.

Ecommerce Goes Big

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If you’re on Pinterest then you’ve probably seen some of the big changes already in play. Things like ad placement have infiltrated the craft world, meaning that depending on what you pin most or search for most, you’re going to see ad placements trying to upsell you on product. This is huge in the way of social media marketing because if you play your cards right (or, er, pay) then you can have your product pop up on things like Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and more. Normally, social media marketing relies heavily on gaining followers and getting them back to your website. However, with ecommerce taking off, it’s now possible to secure sales directly through social media. So get ready, because buy buttons will be everywhere in 2016.

Search Engines

I’m not talking your typical search engine, folks. I’m talking about consumers using social media sites as search engines. More and more people will begin turning to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp to look for reviews. Make sure that your company is set up with a place for reviews to be made. While Yelp is sometimes more detrimental to a company’s well being than helpful, it’s important to ensure that you’ve invested the time and energy into your Yelp app to maintain as much control as possible over the situation. Likewise, making sure that you have a place on Facebook, Google Plus, and even YouTube will provide you the access you need to respond to queries and reviews in a positive and uplifting manner.

What trends will you be looking for in the New Year?

Comment below with things to look for!