Death Of The Traditional Salesman


Adapting Your Technique:

3 Totally Useful Ways Internet Marketing
Can Increase Your Inside Sales

Here’s a piece of advice about sales:

It’s always changing.

Sales are no longer strictly done in brick and mortar storefronts.

Instead, more and more businesses are working remotely, making sales from the comfort of their homes or even the Panera Bread down the block.

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Inside sales, or remote sales, operate on the fact that there is an increasing amount of information available online. They adapt to the Internet trends and rely on the growing number of people who turn to their search engine, before the phone book.

Adapting isn’t just key to survival–it’s key to a successful sales pitch.

By changing your inside sales technique you can see an even greater return on your services for your clients, and survive in the mass of online business ventures.

So what exactly am I talking about?

Am I talking about telephone marketing? Well, kind of. Cold calls are certainly part of inside sales, but they’re certainly not the end-all-be-all. In fact, I want you to consider the last telephone marketer you spoke to. It’s likely that they were persistent, became even clingier the closer you were to hanging up, and refused to adapt to your responses. Many telephone marketers are told to read from a script, directing them with what to say and how to say it so that they can try and successfully make a sale.

The problem, however, is in their inability to adapt. By adapting to the client’s needs and wishes, inside sales go up, and customer frustration goes down.

If you’re a company that relies on and has seen a dip in inside sales, then maybe it’s time you reevaluate what you’re doing.

Maybe, it’s time you adapt.

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1. Email Marketing

Less invasive than cold calling, email marketing is a great means to getting potential leads. At its simplest, email marketing pushes product without the push. It works by supplying customers with ads and business requests, while limiting their time spent on the phone. Successful marketing will boast new products, ongoing promotions, and general news about the company. This helps generate sales from your already existing client pool and from those who make it onto your email list. Not only is it a form of Internet marketing, it’s also a great source to keep in touch with your current clients. Sites like Constant Contact allow you to create informative and up-to-date emails that go out to multiple and potential clients at one time. Whether through bi-monthly newsletters or blog updates, keeping your clientele in the loop of the business makes them feel safer in your care. Not to mention, staying in constant contact (haha) with your clients, you’ll create a sense of trust and loyalty that you have their best interest at heart. If you’re unsure how to go about setting up a successful email marketing campaign, then it may be best to invest in an Internet marketing team who has a better understanding of what you need and how to get you there.

2. Customer Service

When you’re working remotely, it’s easy to forget that the simplest things—like customer service—is often the first to go. Killing time in the office is one thing, but killing time from a remote location is another. Too often workers forget to write down that call that they were meant to make, or to reply to that email they just opened. Don’t get me wrong, this happens in offices too, but there’s just something about that remote location that really makes poor customer service become a habit. Break the cycle by ensuring that you’re constantly keeping your client’s best interest in mind. When you get on a call with them, try not to push product. Instead, let the conversation run organically. Chances are by not pushing that new and up-to-date service on them, you’ll intrigue them to ask about what’s new with the company on their own. Look for ways to improve your customer service strategy and you’ll likely see a return on your investment.

Tricks To Great Customer Service:

  • Keep Appointments: It’s a no brainer really, but also something that works. Be sure to keep your appointments on time every time and you’ll find that your client gives you their business because you’ve given them your respect.
  • Watch the Clock: Yes, your east coast workday might start at 8am, but what about Joe Smith in California? Keep in mind that not all time zones are created equally and that some of your clients might be two or three-hours behind you. Instead of jumping into calls straight at the start of your day, try giving your mid and west coast clients some time to wakeup. Chances are, by not calling right at the beginning of their day, you’ll find them much more receptive to that new idea you just really think they ought to know about.
  • Stay In Touch: Clients do best when they know they’re being taken care of. Similar to email marketing, you should make an effort to keep in communication with them. Schedule a “check up” call or email into your calendar every few weeks just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Especially when working remotely your clients are not always able to see or talk to you, so make sure things go smoothly by reminding them about you, before they remind you of them.
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3. Get Smart

As mentioned above, companies that work remotely tend to have a better handle on the World Wide Web than their counterparts. They understand that technology is taking over and embrace the changes that come with it. For this reason, you should make sure your company is as tech-savvy as possible. No, I don’t mean you need to break down and buy the whole Mac setup, but you should make yourself privy to apps that are useful for business.

Popular Business Apps for Successful Inside Sales:

  • LocalPresence: If you’re anything like the average person, you probably screen your calls, especially if it’s a number you don’t recognize or is all together listed as private. LocalPresence allows businesses to call from their business number while using local area codes. For example: If you’re a 213 area code and know that you’re calling a 949 area, there’s an increased possibility that the user will let the number roll through to voicemail. However, by using LocalPresence, your 213 number will become 949 on the caller ID, making the potential client more likely to pick up.
  • Rapportive: Rapportive works by linking with your email contacts and keeping you updated on their social media posting. This allows you, the company, to see that Jane Doe has just tweeted about how she wants to put a fire pit in your backyard, then tailor an email for her about your new fire glass product that you think she might be interested in. Rapportive works on the basic level of marketing—giving the customers what they want.
  • For A List of More Inside Sales Apps check out Leo Durr’s post about the “6 Insanely Useful Salesforce Apps”.


The bottom line in all businesses is to be successful, and to be successful you need to make money. Don’t let what’s worked for you in the past, cloud what will work for you today.

What tips do you have for increasing your inside sales?