Backlink Building and the Budding Blogger

3 Things You Must Know About Building Effective Backlinks

In business the name of the game is getting to the front of Google.

Back in the day, companies didn’t need the Internet to make or break their business.

Now, however, a company is nothing if not for their placement on the web and their rating on Yelp.

link building strategies

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Yet, because Google is always changing, growing, and adapting to suite consumer needs, things like Internet marketing and website development havebecome increasingly important.

Whether you’re a blogger or a company looking to get ahead on the Google search engines, things like quality and follower count are acutely measured to increase visibility on the web.

Like I said, you have to play the game.

I’ve mentioned before how an Internet marketing team will do wonders for your web placement.



They will:

• Utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Utilize Social Media
• Utilize website development to make you more marketable
• Utilize an understanding of the always changing Google algorithm

What I didn’t mention, however, was the way that an Internet marketing team will effectively collect and create backlinks for you and/or your company.

What Are Backlinks?

In short, backlinks are a hyperlink that connects one site to another site. For example, the link above, at ‘Internet marketing’ is a backlink for the webpage that I wanted to share by way of linking two webpages together.

Backlinks are valuable because:

• They increase viewership

link building strategies

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• Create a link back to your site
• Show your page as being valuable

When a blogger shares another’s work, backlinks are created generating more viewership for both parties involved. It can also help move your company or article, to the front page of Google. The more backlinks you have, the more popular your site or page will appear, thus letting Google know that it is a valuable page to be considered.

It seems pretty simple right? Though it might seem relatively easy to accomplish, there are three things you should always be aware of when trying to create backlinks for your site.

1. Use Effective Anchors:

Anchors, or anchor texts, are the words that appear on the page as you’re reading. Rarely will you come across a post with the full html code left in the article, instead you’ll likely see a “read more” or “click here” tag. These tags that link to a separate page of information are the coveted backlinks that I’ve been talking about. Many bloggers, writers, or companies that don’t know what they’re doing, will use incorrect anchor texts for their backlinks. Such as the examples above, tags that are along the lines of “click here” serve no additional SEO purpose to your link. Instead, do your research and aim for targeted keywords that will effectively help boost your backlink’s ranking. For example, those looking to promote their photography services, you might choose an anchor text reading “family photographer”. Not using the proper anchor text can ding your SEO ranking and  may reduce the value of your backlink.






Anchors To Avoid:

• Click Here
• Read More
• Here
• Go Here
• See Now
• Check It Out

2. Using Trusted Sites

You might think it’s a no-brainer, but using trusted sites is one of the only ways to guarantee that your SEO does not get dinged. Internet marketing teams and those savvy content marketing professionals understand that a website’s ranking weighs heavily on the type of backlink that is achieved. As in all things on the Internet, you should be very careful to always use sites that you know, are familiar with, and trust. If you’re using a site that is new to you and attempting to gain a backlink then be sure to do your research. Tools such as Alexa can be purchased to give you a better understanding of a site’s competency, using a ranking system. For reference Google is ranked as #1, making them the most trusted and effective site on the Internet. Alexa should be used especially for websites offering backlinks for purchase. While there are directories that charge and are trusting, many are out to make some money before dinging your site for bad SEO.

3. Shop Aroundeccommerce-concept-1-1057097

Okay, maybe shop is a bad word, because really you shouldn’t pay for backlinks wherever possible (see up above), but you should take your time to look around the Internet for opportunities. Many bloggers, for example, offer things for other writers such as guest posts and reciprocal links. They also, for businesses, offer advertising space, product reviews, blog giveaways, and much more, creating a potential backlink for your company. There are websites around that allow you to publish articles, while linking to your site, therefore adding a backlink for you. Basically, there’s no reason for you to whip out your wallet and start buying backlinks immediately. Instead, with a little hard work and ingenuity, you’ll be able to create a set of backlinks that do well for your platform or company.

Backlinks are one of the most effective means for getting your webpage, company, or article to the front page of the Google search engines. By following these three tips, you’ll be certain to build your platform and gain traction while using proper SEO techniques, and maintaining credibility.

What tips do you have for getting backlinks?