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5 Don’t Miss Tips for Hosting A Blog Giveaway

Bloggers create their blog for many reasons.

Some want to become famous in their field or create a platform for themselves.

Image from Entrepreneurship Time

Image from Entrepreneurship Time

Others just enjoy the task of writing and want an outlet for their creativity.

Then there are those who are out to turn their blog into a business venture.

Or in short—those that want to make money.

I’ve mentioned before the ways to earn money making a blog (you can see that post here). Whether through connections, paid advertising space, or sponsored posts and contests, there’s a handful of ways to make a few bucks on your website.

But how do you get started? What steps are needed to turn theory into practice?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a full-fledged marketing team to get your blog where it needs to be, but you should have a basic understanding of Internet marketing. Without marketing your blog and yourself as a viable option and outlet for advertisers to fall back on, there’s very little hope of you securing companies to give you product. For this reason, ensure that you handle all blog giveaways and contests with finesse toward both the company involved and your followers.

All blogs that host giveaways or contests have a set list of rules and guidelines for potential advertisers to follow. Creating a set of guidelines for advertisers will not only simplify the process of hosting a contest for them, but it will also give you a sense of ownership and control over the process.

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1. A Hosting Fee

Hosting fees will deter faulty advertisers from the real ones. Many people may reach out to you and ask for information about your contest hosting, but only those who are serious will be willing to pay for you to host it. If you feel weird about asking for money to host a contest, consider the amount of time it will take out of your schedule to not only create a post about the product, but sort through entries, shipping, and more. A hosting fee is more or less your paycheck for supplying your time and energy to promote a product for a separate company. Don’t feel ashamed!

2. A Product Price

Protect your followers and give them something to fight for by providing a price point for entries. Whatever companies choose to enter, the product should be provided in full and not cut in half. For example, setting a product price at $450 ensures that a company, such as a fire glass company, provides $450 worth of fire glass. This gives your followers with an incentive to enter, while providing them with the full experience of the product.

3. Secure the Product Beforehand

Ensure that you have all materials for your contest before you post about it. Many companies that are just starting out might try and hold onto their product, ensuring that they’ll send it after the contest has ended. However, many companies find themselves too busy to send their product out on time, or too concerned with other things to even think about it. By asking for the product beforehand, you’ll be able to promise your readers prompt delivery upon the contest ending.



4. Offer A Product Review In the Price

Product reviews are just like they sound, they are a blogger’s honest review of a product. Typically, bloggers offer product reviews separate from a blogging contest. However, by including the full-length product review, you’ll be offering an intriguing discount to companies interested in having you host a contest. Let companies know that you’ll be offering an honest review of the product and that you retain discretion over whether you feel like your followers should know about it or not. Not only will you be ensuring that you know the company that you’re promoting, but you’ll also be helping that company grow.

5. Contest Guidelines

After you’ve settled everything with the company and product you’ll be promoting, you’ll need to put a set of guidelines together for your followers. These guidelines need to be clear and explain exactly what your followers need to do to remain eligible for the contest. Whether it is through blog comments and shares, or simply putting a name in a bag and drawing it out, you need to make clear how it will work. Using things like blog share, likes, and follows as a means of entering your contest is an excellent marketing opportunity for you and provides built in Internet marketing for the company involved as well.

Guidelines to include are:

• The Prize: Include value along with item and company specifics
• The Rules: Include how to enter in complete detail
• The Expiration Date: Be sure to set an end-time for your contest
• The Disqualifications: If there is any reason that you can be disqualified, include it
• Their Information: Be sure to take down entry information, whether it be a user name or their real one
• The Details: Include pertinent details about the product, including links to the company’s webpage

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Blog giveaways are one of the best means of content marketing. It works both on the business end and the blogging. By promoting a company’s product through a giveaway, you’ll also be endorsing your own brand through Internet marketing with blog shares and likes.

What advice do you have for the blogger looking to try out their first blog giveaway?

Leave your advice and suggestions for your fellow bloggers in the comments below.