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3 Crucial Reasons for Why You Should Hire An Internet Marketing Team


Are you confused about how to market your business on the Internet?

Are you a blogger looking to break out with your platform and make some money?

For many, figuring out how to stand out in the crowd is overwhelming.

It can prove to be a hassle for many, and too complicated for others.

But for those eager to move to the front of Google, an Internet marketing team may be just the ticket for you.

Having your business come out on top is perhaps one of the biggest struggles any new company can face. With the tumbling of the economy in 2009 came an influx of men and women creating self-employed companies to cope with the hard times. As jobs were lost, families were forced to come up with an inventive means to supplement their incomes. Whether it was through online services, blogging, or something else, the small business era boomed big as the economy crumbled. Sites like Etsy took over, spouting projects in mass done by small business owners, while sites like Pinterest put bloggers on the map. In each case, the world of DIY and the #supportsmallbusiness movement seemingly took over the marketplace.

However, slowly but surely, as the economy has began to climb back out of its hole, other, much larger companies have popped up, finding use in ideas like those from Etsy users and bloggers alike. Because of this, smaller companies are forced to create product at a higher cost than many of their corporate competitors, leaving them

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floundering when it comes to both marketing and sales. While money is spent creating product, less is spent toward getting the company’s name out into the world. Does this mean that smaller companies are at a loss? No! Quite the contrary, actually. Many people would prefer to buy and support small businesses, meaning that with enough ingenuity, it’s not only possible, but totally probable to bypass larger competitors.

Why An Internet Marketing Team?

It’s true; an individual for their company could probably do majority of what can be done by a team of marketers. Will it be done well? Maybe, but most likely not. Yes, there are books out there on the subject, and yes there are articles available on the web, but unless you truly understand what it is you’re looking at, it’s unlikely that you’ll see a return on your efforts. An Internet marketing team, however, is professional, but also understands the subtle nuances associated with World Wide Web.

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1. Google

Given that the year is 2015 and the majority of us have had the Internet available in our homes for over ten years, it’s likely to assume that we’ve all heard of Google. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t happen to have the brand of all brands in their home, it’s safe to guess that you’ve definitely heard of the multi-billion dollar company at some point or another. The brains behind the operation are what make Google such an issue for inexperienced marketers. Google understands that they’re a force to be reckoned with, and as such, they recognize that companies are committed to understanding their algorithms in an attempt to better market themselves on the web. However, to change with the tides of business, Google updates their algorithms frequently—meaning that what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. A professional web development company will know how to look and find out about what the changes
are and how to keep up with them. This is important for ensuring that smaller businesses make their way to the top of the search engines without being flagged in the process.

2. Website Design

Yes, sites like WordPress and Weebly will allow you to create a website with relatively no real stress to you. Yes, there are templates available for free or for purchase on these sites that will help you “plug and chug” to create a basic web layout for your business. However, do you understand the way this website should be laid out? Do you know how many pages is too many? Do you really need that page dedicated to your dog? Hiring a team that is adept at creating websites will not only help you strategically, but it will also give you an added sense of professionalism. Think of all of the websites you’ve ever been to. I’d be willing to guess that the handful of bad ones you’ve seen—complete with pop-ups, ads, and freezing pages—you clicked out of immediately. Don’t let this be your page. Instead, find a company who specializes in this form of marketing, giving you a strong web presence and authority over your product as well.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Chances are that a good deal of those reading this will have some understanding of search engine optimization. The concept is used in many ways across the web, including blogging and articles among other things. In concept, SEO makes it easier for search engines to pull you up for consumers doing the searching. Yet, because of the infamous Google algorithm, SEO must change continuously to keep up.

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Perhaps the most well-known and easiest concept to understand from SEO is keywords. Keywords are those nifty search phrases you enter into the
Google search bar when trying to find what you need. However, as an amateur marketer, do you know what keywords will provide the most effective return on your company? For that matter, do you even know how to find them? Internet marketing teams will know exactly what phrases best suit your company, giving you the highest return possible. Using keywords and professional content marketing can work wonders to turn over sales, creating more business for you.

Social Media

Ahh, the dreaded platform of marketing and often one of the easiest tools to getting your product out into the world. Social media is either feared or revered by people, depending on the success that they’ve had with it. When used correctly, social media is capable of generating traffic for your business greatly. However, many people are too afraid or too stubborn to go there. Though it feels like things like Facebook and Instagram have been around for a while,

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they’re actually considered one of the newer means of marketing. Strategically speaking, social media relies on followers, and these followers will in turn spread the word about your great product. However, one must gain followers to achieve this. Some people are great at it, while others stumble over the 140 character limits. A professional team of Internet marketers will know exactly what to say and how to say it, all while linking you across multiple platforms to increase sales.

Internet marketing, despite the popular belief, is actually quite difficult. It requires a complicated knowledge of the largest website available and a thorough understanding of what is and is not allowed. Approaching Internet marketing incorrectly, through keyword stuffing or duplicate material, will land your site on Google’s “hit list” so to speak. Avoid the troubles and invest in a team who is capable of creating a wonderful Internet presence for your company, giving you a head on sales over corporate and small business competitors alike.