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5 Tips For How You Can Make Money Blogging

You might be surprised to find that bloggers aren’t all just stay at home moms with nothing to do.

In fact, many of the men and women who have taken the time to really hone their blog, have created a business, generating money.

Yes, money—that green, often throwaway wish in the sky idea that makes all of

make money blogging

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us envious of one another.

It’s not always the case with web bloggers, but with many who take their time and know what they’re doing they actually can afford to make a living. Many times I’ve heard people mumble about the blog-age coming to an end. There are little-to-no new subjects to discuss (there are blogs that discuss garage doors for goodness sake) and even less projects that haven’t already been done. What’s the point? It’s all been done before? Well, here’s the thing—it hasn’t already been done by you.

Starting a blog takes time, energy, and a little ingenuity, especially when—yes—the blog world is most likely filled with other blogs just like yours. However, just because there are more than a handful of bloggers that are writing about new and intriguing ways to wear your yoga pants (spoiler alert: there aren’t), doesn’t mean that you can’t ride on the coattails of their success.

Here’s how:

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The blogging world is based on a hefty dose of connections. Whether it be through followers, other bloggers, or social media, bloggers rely on the connections that they make with other writers. This is because, ideally, bloggers all want to look out for one another and help each other succeed. While this isn’t always true and many bloggers are secretive about their ways, the best bloggers, with the most success, connect with others in their chosen field. Whether it be sharing recipes, posts, or advice, bloggers that share wind up forming connections. Working with other, more renowned bloggers in your field means that you’ll become more noticeable to their followers and gain a following of your own. This in turn leads to advertising possibilities, which is where you’re able to begin blogging for money.

Advertising Ad Space

Once you’ve branched out and established yourself as a trustworthy blogger who is willing to share the content of others, you’ll be able to start reaching out to companies. Depending on what your niche is, the number of followers you have, and how active you are on your blog, companies—both big and small—are willing to pay a small fortune for paid advertising on your page. Try reaching out to small names first and when your numbers have grown; you’ll be more appealing to the larger name brands. Likewise, contain in your blog a section for potential advertisers to see how big of a space they can purchase, how much room, the cost, and for how long.

Sponsored Posts/Product Reviews

Ad space is beneficial and a quick money making solution, but with sponsored posts you’re more or less growing your brand by doing another brand a favor. Whether it’s a pet food supplier, makeup distributor, or something else, growing companies love to give away new stuff. Take advantage of this and offer to do sponsored posts in exchange for blog credit. Essentially, you’ll ask suppliers (or if they find you then they’ll ask) for a small sampling of their product and write a post that centers around it and it’s uses, and in return the supplier will tweet, Facebook, Instagram, ect… about the amazing blogger who wrote a little something about their product. Many larger bloggers are able to ask for a monetary return as well, but as a growing blog, looking to break into the money making side of things, you’ll want to start out small. If your blog is larger, however, consider asking for a small form of payment for your post, citing the time and energy that will go into creating a worthwhile read. This is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to begin blogging for money.


One of the major ways you can start blogging for money is to be a blogger that holds contests. Especially when your numbers begin to grow, companies will be interested in using you to show off their products. While sponsored posts and advertising space require more on your behalf, contests are fairly straightforward. They’re an excellent option for when you’re too busy to write a post for another company and allow you to charge extra (plus they’re a tax write-off). When you host a contest, you’ll be posting to your followers that they can win a prize designated by the supplier. Create a set of guidelines that you’d like potential suppliers to follow, including: making sure the product is in line with your blog’s theme and standards, a monetary value for the prize, a time limit, and a cost for hosting the contest. This will allow you to make some money, while establishing potential advertisers with an outlet for their product.

How To Go About It

Making money on a blog is more a game than anything else. It requires you building up a following, understanding the business side of blogging, and an

make money blogging

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interest in helping others grow. Likewise, you need to show your interest in advertisers. Create a section on your blog where potential advertisers can read your guidelines exactly. This will let them know what you will and won’t do, what you charge, and what kind of products you’d be interested in featuring. Also, most importantly, ensure that you have a media kit ready for those who ask.

Your media kit should include:

Your monthly page views
Total views to date
Number of followers
•Number of followers on other social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect…)
Number of subscribers

These numbers can be viewed from Google Analytics and should be mentioned as such.

Including this media kit on your site lets advertisers know what they’re paying for/how big the crowd is, and how invested you are in your blog. Particularly after your numbers have grown, you’ll likely see a large influx in potential advertising offers. Be sure to always optimize you’re Internet marketing in the mean time, increasing your SEO and keeping you on the front end of the Google search engines. Keep in mind, however, that building a blog takes time and patience. It’s very unlikely that you’ll have a booming success of a blog in only one night. Instead, slow and steady wins the race, here—and ultimately, the money, too.