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5 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Using Internet Marketing


Last night while out to dinner with my husband, I happened to notice the insanely large amount of people who happened to be on their phones. From kids who were keeping themselves busy, to teens and adults who couldn’t seem to break themselves away from Facebook, phones were everywhere. Of course, this is not breaking news or even that interesting to note, smartphones have become such a staple in American life that we hardly notice anymore when we’re on them en mass quantities of time. Before the boom of social media, and before the time of holding our computer in our hands, a typical morning might have involved waking up, brushing your teeth or hair, and going about the start of your day. Now? Well now a typical morning is spent waking up, dipping our heads quietly, and starting in on checking our social media sites and what we might’ve missed during those pesky eight hours of sleep (admit it, you do it too).

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As technology has grown, however, so has the need to increase our follower count. No longer are we content to just have our actual friends on Facebook or Instagram, we need numbers—and fast. Particularly for those of us in the blogosphere, reaching record-breaking numbers is key to maintaining and flourishing under our blog-work. From people itching to become “Tumblr-Famous”, to people hoping to earn a few extra bucks from the articles they publish on their own each month, the goal is to gain a following.

But how? Gaining a following isn’t as easy as it seems—yes there are sites and apps out there that will promote your blog for a price, but those aren’t the kind of genuine followers you want or even need to have. Purchasing blog followers, while being a waste of money, will only grow your numbers for a bit, before those same followers back off and crawl back into their hidey-holes.

No. What I’m talking about are true-blue followers, the kinds that will sit at their dinner table in the restaurant and keep reading because they can’t get enough, or those who will stay up until the early hours of the morning to make sure they don’t miss a beat. Getting these followers is difficult—but doable—and requires dedication, time, and energy on your behalf.

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Find Your Niche

Something that might seem obvious on the surface, but is actually rarely practiced, is to carve out a niche for yourself. What are you good at? Do you build cars? Do you pride yourself in backyard DIY? Or maybe you like to write about ways to help authors like yourself increase their blog traffic (ha). Whatever it is, find your niche and stick to it. All of the best bloggers have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in an industry filled to the brim with bloggers, thus giving them a name and platform to stand on. Consider the number of foodie blogs you’ve seen, for example, and your mind might begin to swim from the numbers. But then consider blogger Ali Malfucci of Inspiralized. Ali took a simple idea, a blog about turning veggies into noodles, and now nearly 70k followers later; she has a cookbook and her own brand spiralizer to show for it. Ali is a great example of carving out your niche in an already jam-packed industry. Writing about healthy eating would’ve left her floundering around, but writing about turning veggies into noodles? Pure gold.

Have A Voice

Have you ever found yourself reading a blog, only to zone out half way through, having forgotten what you read? You wouldn’t be the first or last person to do so. In a world filled with would-be bloggers, many of them have lost their sense of voice and character in their entries. The key to getting a following and
having them stick with you, is to ensure that you don’t sound like everyone else. The easiest way to do this? Write how you would actually speak, and don’t, I repeat don’t write how you think you should speak. The more genuine your blogs sound, the more genuine a person you become. Having a voice allows you to step outside of the blog and instead become a real person behind the words for your readers. A great example of this is Jenny Lawson, aka the Bloggess, a self proclaimed “Mother Theresa, only better”, Lawon’s blog rose to incredible fame back in 2012, leaving her with a book publfile0001719225336ishing deal and a #1 New York Time’s Bestselling Author spot. Her strong voice, witty banter, and mostly vulgar humor has given way to a form of concrete character development, leaving her with a devoted following and sky rocket number of followers. But that’s her voice—what’s yours?

Be Active

Your blog should be considered something of a part of your work, and what do you do with work each day? You do it no matter what, because if you don’t, you’ll have consequences. The consequences from not engaging in your blog each day is that your followers will lose interest and you in turn, will lose your followers. Remaining an active part of the blog community will keep people interested and looking more, if you slack off and disappear so will your follower numbers. I’m not just talking about being active in your own blog; however, I’m talking the entire blogosphere. The quickest and easiest way to increase blog traffic is to engage with other bloggers on their pages as well. Find blogs with similar niches to your own as it will have followers that are likely to follow you back to your own blog if you have anything smart to say. Don’t be cocky or arrogant; be useful and insightful in your comments. Add something new to the conversation, while still demonstrating your expertise in your subject field. As your numbers grow, so will your ego, so don’t forget the little people who helped get you to those numbers when you get to the top.

Do Your Research

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Did you know that certain keywords are utilized much more often than other keywords? Knowing what keywords will help get your blog noticed on search engines is a key component to getting more traffic on your site. Use a keyword search engine and try plugging in specific terms that you might use when searching for your blog through Google. Be careful, however, you’ll put people off from your page if you over-plug keywords, making you seem like a scammer, and therefore untrustworthy.

Social Media

You know all those kids I talked about early on? The one’s on their phones at the dinner table? I’d bet a pretty penny they’re on some form of social media. Social media is a powerful tool, and many social media sites can link together making each other stronger. Create an Instagram (personal or professional) for your niche and connect it to your blog, likewise create a Facebook page that you can use to post blog updates and features. Social media when done correctly will bring over followers from different areas, increasing your blog traffic in the mean time.

Blogging does not have to be a chore, nor should it be treated flippantly if you want to gain success in your posts. If you’re uncertain where to begin, or simply think the task is too much to handle, then consider hiring an Internet marketing team to help with your keyword optimization and social media marketing. By increasing your web presence and submitting to many different forms of admit sites, social media sites, or other blogs, you’ll likely see a very real increase in your follower count as new leads and new clients increase your blog’s web traffic. In other words, stop scoffing at those kids scrolling around on their phone, because who knows? They may very well be “liking” your page.