Creating Engaging Content the Write Way

5 Ways To Create Meaningful Content Using Internet Marketing


Think about the last meaningful piece of online writing that you read.

What was it about?

What caught your eye and made you read in the first place?

What kept you reading?

As someone who writes online articles, blogs, or any kind of web content that you want to be read, these should be questions you ask yourself frequently. As a person engaged in any form of content writing, you need to be aware of the many ways that exist to create engaging content for your reader, so that you might generate web traffic flow from it as well. In a separate post, I discussed the different ways to increase blog traffic, leaving you with several tips and tricks for making your blog follower friendly. Now, however, I want to discuss the ways to not only make your content follower friendly, market-1237889but reader friendly as well.

So what’s the difference? Followers are optimal to your blog doing well. They engage, repost, tag, share, and comment to their heart’s content, leaving your writing content all around the web for other, new potential followers to see. However, before any of these followers become a follower, they are first and foremost a reader. Readers do just that: they read. They take in the content that you’ve put out and find time in their busy schedules to leave you comments about what they’ve read. It’s simple really, when a reader likes what they’ve read then they no longer remain a reader, instead they become your follower, and then the cycle starts all over again.

As a blogger, realizing this is truly the first step in creating a blog that gives you a web presence and traffic to boot. Re-read the three questions I asked you at the top, hold the answers in your head, and think about all of the things they must have done right. I myself constantly find myself reading posts from the New York Time’s and summarizing them to my husband later in the day, while quickly forgetting some of the other, less engaging content I stumble across in the mean time. In short, when you create your own blog, creating engaging content should be at the top of your list of priorities for increasing blog’s traffic.

Write What You Know

That’s a tip directly from Mark Twain, in case you’re wondering, and very useful when trying to write engaging content. Writing what you know, rather than things you know nothing about, will make your words come much more easily, in turn creating an easy flow for your reader. Why write about football when you know more about golf? If you pay too much attention to what you think your readers want to read, you’ll forget all about what you would want to read in

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the mean time. Of course, you don’t always have to write only about what you know; there’d be no fun in that! Writing what you know, however doesn’t have to mean only writing about things you know, for example, if you know you’re interested in golf—then write about it! Writing is as much a part of learning new things as it is about creating engaging content.

Work On Your Voice

Remember that post I mentioned earlier? Well it talks a bit about the importance of voice. I like to use the example of Jenny Lawson, writer of her blog the Bloggess, because in short, she’s just really freaking awesome. Jenny has created a voice that is often times brutal in its honesty, but is entirely laugh out loud funny. Her voice is near impossible to replicate, however, without sounding like a hack, which will leave you without a piece of engaging content to stand on. Finding and honing your own voice is what will help the reader believe that you truly care about what you’re putting out there. Instead of being a phony, write how you’d speak, leaving the content smooth and publishable, rather than clunky and hard on the ears.

The More You Know

Research, research, research. No one wants to do it, but any decent writer, wanting to create engaging, readable web content, will do it. Even with my masters in writing, I still find myself digging through papers and books to find what I’m looking for. I don’t pretend to think I know everything about everything and neither should you. Make your pieces stronger by researching information about it before you publish. At the very least you’ll have readers excited and interested to read more, if not, however, you risk having someone call you out on incorrect information, tarnishing your authority on the matter entirely.

Address Trends

Long gone are the days when being trendy meant you were uncool. Now, writing whatever is trending will get you read faster and more often than those things that nobody really cares about right now. Lucky for you, there are many online sites that can help you keep your writing relevant, even Facebook has

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a free “Trending Now” tool on the side of your homepage. Don’t get lost in the fold, however, and write what everyone else is writing—that’s no good either. Part of writing engaging content that will get reblogged and shared universally is to write apart from what everyone else is writing. Find a new take on an
already trending topic and you’ll find yourself with more readers in no time.

Create Good Titles

The title of your piece is often the first thing that your reader will see, so creating an engaging title will help absorb them into the rest. Create a title that is both eye catching and stands out from the rest, while also using keyword optimization to help get you search engine results. A great title will be both creative and make clear what the reader will soon be reading, leaving you more likely to attract other readers should your work be shared.

Creating engaging content does not have to be a complete art form, but it should be something that you pay attention to while you work. Not to mention that when used in combination with content marketing and internet marketing you’re likely to see a rise on your blog’s visitors. So find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts, re-read your work, and edit until everything sounds just as it should. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself turning readers into followers, as your work gets shared around the world.